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Who would have guessed?! 10 years ago almost noone believed that Korfball would have a chance to establish in Dresden. 3 teams participated in the 1st Dresden Korfball- Cup. Year after year more teams were joining the annual Korfball event in the beautiful "Elbflorenz". With 10 teams taking part last year, we were about to reach the limit of our capacity. We hope that this year's Korfball-Cup will be again attended by many teams from Hungary, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Germany who all like coming to Dresden.
This year the motto of our party will be: "I am different" - You can dress yourself as a hula-hula-dancer, a seventies-fan, a devil or men can just wear skirts. The main thing is: You look different from the others!
Hopefully there will be a good mix this year again.

So we are already doing some organizational work to ensure a great tournament.

Kind regards
the Dresdner Elbelche

Some more information:
Please do not hesitate to contact Kerstin Bentrup for more information.

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