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Korfball an der TU-Dresden
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/ Plaene / 10. Dresdner Korfball-Cup / Anmeldung zum 10. Dresdner Korfball-Cup / 10th Korfball-Cup of Dresden: registration
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Date: 11th / 12th november 2006

name of your team:


contact person:


players and fans:

number of players: and of them are able to be a referee.
number of fans and other persons: and of them are able to be a referee.
  of them are children (under 14 years).


on friday before 10 p.m.
on friday after 10 p.m.
on saturday at o`clock.

children team:

We have a team of children (from 6 to 14 years)
and they are interested in playing against
our team in Dresden (optional).

additional information:

We also have a website on http://
problems, questions and comments:

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