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The 8th Korfball-Cup will be organized by the korfballteam of Dresden University of Technology - the Dresdner Elbelche.

Last year we had to cancel the Dresdner Korfball Cup because of other korfball events at the same time.
Hopefully we found a better date for this year.

We would like to welcome you at 20th and 21th of november 2004 in Dresden and we hope to see many friendly and fair korfballgames. In the last years many teams of different countries came to Dresden in order to play against each other and have fun. Szentendrei played against KGB München, Kengurunk against Decin, Chomutov against SSV Fortschritt Dresden and the SKC and so on. It was a good mix!
Hopefully there will be a good mix this year again. Maybe a team of the Netherlands (Tempo from Alphen) will join our tournament.

So we are already doing some organizational work to ensure a great tournament.

Many kind regards
the Dresdner Elbelche

Some more information:
Please do not hesitate to contact Kerstin Bentrup for more information.

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